Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is one of my absolute favorite holidays! I mean, what's better than cookouts and fireworks?

However, the reason I love it so much is because I love dressing up for it! Every year, I go all out in red, white, and blue! The only other colors I wear better than red, white, and blue are purple and gold (but how much I go out in JMU spirit is another story)!

Here is a photo collection that I put together of myself dressed up for Fourth of July since 2007 (so not only do you get to see my outfits, you get to see how much I've changed in looks - not much btw). Enjoy!

My sisters and I (far right) 2007

2007 - My sisters and I celebrated in DeWitt!

2008 - I was babysitting this summer so Miranda and I celebrated on July 3rd with cupcakes, signs, decorations, and 4th of July temporary tattoos.


2009 - I was in Harrisonburg for the summer. Michelle, Kevin, and I went to the parade downtown for some fun, food, and fireworks!

2010 in Florida
2010 - I was in Florida! My first 4th of July outside of Virginia!

2011 - In DeWitt. Fireworks were postponed due to rain.


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