Monday, January 13, 2014

JMU Homecoming 2013

Let's play catch up!

With the end of the summer arrives one of my most favorite things about fall: Football.

I've apparently reached the age where all my friends and everyone my age has started to get married. So due to the unfathomable number of weddings and wedding-related events I had to attend this fall (and spend money on), I did not purchase JMU football season tickets. It was a hard decision, but it didn't seem like it would have been worth it like it was during the 2012 season. JMU did win all but one of their home games this season.

However though I didn't have season tickets, that didn't and would never stop me from atending Homecoming. Homecoming was held on November 2, 2013. (Fun Fact: I've attended every JMU Homecoming game since 2007). 

Both my Richmond roommates are JMU alumni so as soon as they purchased their JMU Homecoming tickets, I followed suit. Also, one of my senior roommates, Natasha bought her ticket near our seats as well. Patti and Ben also surprised me by not telling me until the night before that they were going to the game, so I rode to Harrisonburg with them and tailgated with Patti's family, which is always a good time. 

JMU, of course, won the game, though I spent more time catching up with Natasha than watching the game. Unfortunately, we didn't make it to playoffs this season. We have since fired our head coach and hired a new one so I am very curious to see how the 2014 season goes. Anyone interested in buying season tickets with me?

Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy 2014!

 Hi friends!

It's 2014! I feel like 2013 went by so fast but then again not really. If that even makes sense...

I guess I would say 2013 was a good year. It was my first full year with my big girl full-time job. I finally made the big move to the city of Richmond. So yeah, it had its moments; but I'm ready to leave 2013 behind and ready for 2014 to be fabulous.

Except I still need to catch all of you up on the good moments of 2013. Then we can leave 2013 behind.

This year has started out pretty good. Nothing too exciting yet. I brought in the new year with my family, same as the last 3 years. I ate my New Year's good luck dinner, same as every year. I haven't been home since last year. I've been shopping every day this year. That's a habit I need to break!

I've decided against making or stating actual New Year's resolutions this year. I have some goals and I have plans on how to accomplish them. No need to put it all out there. I'll just fill you in with the accomplishments!

But I'd love to hear your resolutions/predictions for 2014! Leave them in the comments below! 

I hope this year treats you all well!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

I'm Back...

Well don't quote me on that. 

I've been away for awhile. For awhile I didn't have anything to write about and I didn't want to bore you. Then the opposite happened. I started doing things, things that you would love to hear about, but then I was too busy to write. Ah, what a vicious circle.

But I'm at the point where now I want to share those things with you. Since I'm back to doing things that aren't blog-worthy. Like for instance - yesterday, I ate three pieces of birthday cake. I mean, I also watched my high school football team win the semi-final game that allows them to advance to the state championship, which is blog-worthy. But you get my point -- some things you just don't want to hear about. 

But for the things you do want to hear about:
  • I should fill you in on my first 6 months of living in Richmond. Country girl in the city.
  • The four weddings I went to between August and November -- My junior year roommate, my high school best friend, my freshman year hall mate, and my best friend. Also the effect of going to 4 weddings on a serially single girl. 
  • JMU Homcoming 2
And whatever else, I can think of. 

So stay tuned. And I'll try to stay here. I mean it.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sports in the City

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend some sporting events in my new city! 

First, I finally made it out to The Diamond to see the Richmond Flying Squirrels play. I attended the game with the Richmond chapter of the JMU Alumni Association. As much as I love baseball players, I had never been stepped foot in The Diamond. Luckily I now live really close to there so hopefully I will take in some more games! The best part is that general admission is only $7.00 (+ $3.00 to park). You can't beat that.

Tori & I
Anyway, I was decked out in my purple since it was a JMU event. The Flying Squirrels were playing the Portland Sea Dogs. I may or may not have but definitely did bring and wear my Portland, Maine hoodie, since I had been in Maine the week before. I am such a bad Richmond fan. I own nothing that says Richmond on it. (Wouldn't want anyone to think I meant U of R. Eek.)

Attempting to stay dry in my over-sized Portland, Maine hoodie
The game was super fun. Except after a couple of innings it starting raining and since there was a bit of a breeze, the rain was kinda coming at us sideways. And even my over-sized Portland hoodie couldn't make me dry and warm enough to stick it out through the weather.

My next Richmond sporting event came the Friday after the Flying Squirrels. I got off work at 3 p.m. on a Friday and headed out to meet my mom, her boyfriend, and my youngest sister at the Redskins Training Camp. In case you haven't heard (and that could only be possible if you live under a rock), the Washington Redskins are holding their training camp here in Richmond. They had about two and a half weeks of open practices that the public could attend for free (well, plus the $5.00 to park and the $2.00 trolley ride to the camp).

Redskins Quarterbacks

It was super crowded the day we went and none of the well-known players came over to see us. It was still pretty cool to see them practice though. I tried to get RGIII to wave at me as we stuck way after practice hoping he would realize he was in love with me or my sister come over. But no luck. Maybe next year!

What sporting events does your city boast? Do you attend any?

Friday, August 9, 2013

My First Pinterest Project

Hi all, 

You know how whenever you try recipes or projects off the internet, the pictures they show you always look waaaaaaaaay better than what your finished product looks like?

Well I (with some help) attempted my first Pinterest project and it was fairly successful! As most of you know, I recently moved to Richmond! In the process of attempting to organize my room, I decided I needed to do more in terms of organizing my jewelry. I have allowed my necklaces to get tangled and knotted way too many times. 

So to Pinterest I went. And I found this project here.

And this was created!

I love it and it's so simple and expensive to make. Just go to Walmart and buy a $10 thread rack and a $4 bottle of spray paint. The hardest part was putting it on the wall because I am not a talented Command strip user.

Here are my photos of the process, taken by my little sister who supervised the project. My mom's boyfriend had a lot of fun setting up the spray painting area and did most of the painting. 

Have you ever done a Pinterest project that turned out great? What did you make?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Island Livin'

Now back to where we left off. As I was gathering my things to leave my weekend in the 'burg, I received another invitation for another trip away. 

This trip I was invited to would take me back to Maine

And that's how I ended up in a car on a Friday, with my best friend, Patti; her fiancee, Ben; and his little sister, Hannah. If you remember, this would be my second trip up to Maine as I spent time on the island with Patti back in 2011. I couldn't wait to go back!

Meanwhile, it was Ben and Hannah's first trip to Maine. But don't you worry, I had my fair share of Maine first times. 

For instance, my first Fluffernutter. For my friends who are from the Southern regions of the United States and aren't quite sure what a Fluffernutter is, let me fill you in. It's a sandwich with peanut and marshmallow fluff. Yeah, I was skeptical at first. But it's actually not that bad. Not sure it actually should constitute as a lunch sandwich though. 

Also, my first lobster roll. There are actually no words to describe this.

But while there were many firsts, I also revisited a few of my favorite spots!

For instance, the popcorn store! We also ate at Dry Dock again, which I think is a must-eat place in Maine. 

Anyway it was a great time! I can't wait to be back on the island again!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Back in the 'Burg

Hello all,

So in my last post, I talked about finally taking a day off. I refused to take a day off until I had actual plans because sitting around my house, trying not to check my work email wasn't going to do it for me. So where did I end up, you ask?

Harrisonburg, of course. (You can take the girl out of JMU, but you can't take the JMU out of the girl).

On Friday after the Fourth of July, I packed my bags and headed up to the 'burg. Because Jeremy had to work until late afternoon, I decided to burn sometime at the Book Fair. 

Never been to the Book Fair? You are missing out. The Green Valley Book Fair comes to down for three weeks at a time about 6 times a year. I've been visiting the book fair since my sophomore year of college back in 2007. They sell books of all subjects for 60 to 90 percent off retail prices. I could seriously spend hours there. I left there with a novel, a cookbook, and two books for my niece. 

Another major highlight of the weekend was helping Jeremy with a website for Packsaddle Ridge Golf Club by playing photographer. It was so great to have a reason to get back behind my camera. I got some awesome photos and tons of compliments. I'll post the link the website once it is finished.

iPhone shot
The other highlight was the feast we prepared on Saturday after being at the golf course all day. Jeremy and I came home and got to cooking! We had shrimp and chicken kabobs with green and red peppers, rice, pasta salad, and fried squash. A couple of friends joined us and we ate until we were stuffed and then we sat around the nice, warm bonfire, listening to some 90's music.

Dinner by the citronella light!
All in all, it was an amazing weekend! But hey, that was only the start to my travels this summer. Keep up!