Friday, July 8, 2011

Fried Rice, Pool and Potluck

I'm behind a week because the Internet at my house has been on the outs. Anyways, I've been uber busy!

On Monday, I went out to eat with Tori, also known as "Little Duke." After she graduated from DHS, she followed in my footsteps to James Madison University.

We went to eat in Hopewell at Elephant Thai and I had the best fried rice ever! It was so good I practically proposed to Tori (inside joke - you had to be there)!

Best Fried Rice Ever!

We went back to Tori's house afterwards and I showed her stuff on the Internet about JMU Alumni groups. She said that she'd attend events with me! Finally someone to go with me!

On Tuesday, Aspen and I headed out to Sutherland Manor to hang out with Tricia (JMU c/o 2015) and Cannithy! And I got sunburnt! Epic fail! I now understand that it is of utmost importance to put sunscreen on my face, though I usually don't burn. I put sunscreen on my shoulders and my chest and I still got burnt! It hurt so badly!

Then on Thursday, I finally got to meet Matt, my friend, Jessica's boyfriend from England. Tori and I met them over at her house for a potluck dinner! We had a great time, lots of good food, and did nerdy things on our computers! Brooke joined us after she got off work and read stuff to us off of Tumblr! It was hilarious!

Anyway, I'm off on my next big adventure! Don't worry, you'll hear all about it!


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