Monday, June 27, 2011

For my amusement...

I've been super busy lately and for once, it's been fun stuff and not work!

On Friday (the 17th), I went out to eat with my Uncle Dale and cousin Travis in Colonial Heights. We went to Ruby Tuesday's, which I hadn't eaten at in years I'm sure. The last time that immediately comes to mind is sophomore year with the suitemates.

Anyway, they mentioned that they were meeting Devon, Rich, and the kids at Busch Gardens the next day and talked me into joining them.

After Ruby Tuesday, I rushed back to Dinwiddie to Lindsay's birthday party, where I got to spend time with lots of people, whom I hadn't seen in awhile. I had a ton of fun and didn't get into bed until 4:30.

So I woke up at about 9ish with every intention that I wasn't going to make it to Busch Gardens. Then my uncle texted me to tell me that Travis had just woken so I could still make it! So on about 4 or 5 hours of sleep, I went to Busch Gardens.

I had a splendid time. I love hanging out with my cousins! I've been very lucky to get to see Devon, Rich, and the kids a lot lately, which makes me happy since they live almost in Charlottesville, which is a ways away and before that they lived in Oklahoma. Also Lucas and Meredith are two of the smartest, most well-behaved, adorable kids I've ever met!

At the end of the night, Travis and I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade our day tickets to fun cards, so that we can go as many times as we want to until September 5th.

After our long day, I stayed the night in Carson and we slept in! Then we headed to Colonial Heights three times in one day; first for lunch and shopping, second for shopping, and thirdly for dinner. All in all. it was a long fun-filled weekend.

Then on Tuesday, I headed back to Busch Gardens with Tori, Linz, and Elizabeth for a girls' day out! And we rode everything (just about everything); some things a couple of times! Elizabeth and I couldn't work up the courage to ride the Griffon! But in our defense, we did ride the Loch Ness 3 times!

That's what I've been up to lately! What have you been up to? Does anyone else have season passes to Busch Gardens?


  1. That sounds so fun! You should try riding the Griffon next time, it's awesome.

  2. I'm terrified of heights! =] And that drop is ridiculous!