Sunday, July 10, 2011

Charting New Territory

Until I went to college in August 2006, I had never lived more than 25 miles from the hospital where I was born in Petersburg, Virginia. As a child, I had been on various vacations and field trips that had taken me to Maryland (Baltimore), Washington, D.C., North Carolina (The Outer Banks) and in high school, finally, South Carolina (Myrtle Beach).

Luckily JMU made me world a little bigger. Not only was I living 3 hours away from my hometown, I was presented with opportunity to add more states to my list of states visited and driven through, as you see here.

July 2010 put Georgia and Florida on the list of states I visited!

And now I am proud to say, my map has gotten a little more colorful! A little more than a week ago, my roomie/JMU partner in crime, Patti asked if I would like to go on vacation with her family -- to Maine.

I graciously accepted. So on Wednesday afternoon, I headed to Lake Caroline to spend the day/night with Patti since we'd be leaving at 4 AM. (It takes 12 hours to drive to Maine.)

And so began this SoVa girl's journey towards the North. We went through Maryland, Delaware, and then New Jersey. We stopped at a rest stop in New Jersey so now I know for sure I've stepped in NJ. Also I got to experience for the first time, the whole it's-illegal-to-pump-your-own-gas-in-NJ thing. Below is a photo I snapped on my BlackBerry of Joe. the gas station attendant, pumping our gas for us!

Thanks, Joe!
After NJ, we drove through New York. At one point when we crossed a bridge, you could see the NYC skyline through the fog (oh how I can't wait to be there again!). Then after New York, I got my first opportunity to drive through and stop in Connecticut! We drove through Hartford, which made me think of Gilmore Girls, of course. 

Then came Massachusetts, New Hampshire (which I almost slept completely through) and finally, Maine! 

Here is the photo of the ferry boat we got on to get to Great Diamond Island!

Well that's the story of my journey to Great Diamond Island! More about my adventures here later!


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