Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Maine Obsession: It's Poppin', it's poppin'...

On Tuesday, we all went into Portland (more about the city of Portland later) and I found my new obsession.
We were walking up Exchange St. when we walked by this store that had the word POPCORN written on the window. But what was more interesting was the popcorn in the window; it didn't look like normal popcorn. Some of it was blue and some of it was multicolored.
Needless to say, our curosity was piqued. We decided to go in. And boy am I glad we did.

So you know how you walk into an ice cream shop and there are all these flavors to choose from? Imagine that with popcorn! That's what Coastal Maine Popcorn Company did.
They have two types of flavors: sweets and savories. The first day we went in there (yes, we visited more than once), we were a bit overwhelmed! Stephanie ended up getting Key Lime Pie and it was delicious!
As Patti and I were mooching off of her popcorn later that night, we started doing our research on the computer. We started out of Facebook because we told the lady at the store that we'd "like" them. Facebook led us to their website and it was then we knew we had to make a second trip. I mean, my mouth was watering for popcorn and that only happens when I think about Buffalo Wild Wings.
On Thursday before we went to see the lighthouses (again, more about that later; patience young grasshoppers), Stephanie, Patti, and I walked around Portland until the popcorn store was finally open at 11 a.m.
When it finally opened, we went in and sampled I don't even know how many flavors. The good thing is that between the 3 of us I think we walked out with 7 bags!

One of our samples
I bought Toasted Coconut for myself and Marshmallow and Cotton Candy for my sisters. I know Patti also got Cotton Candy and Hot Wings&Bleu Cheese for Ben. Stephanie also got Hot Wings&Bleu Cheese and Salt&Vinegar.
Stephanie and Patti in front of Coastal Maine Popcorn Company.
Anyways  Coastal Maine Popcorn Company has two stores, one in Portland and one in Boothbay Harbor. Also you can order online and have it shipped to your house! Please check out their website here and if you're ever in Maine, go by and sample some popcorn! You won't be sorry!

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  1. My popcorn is gone! So sad but it was so delicious! Can't wait to get more!