Monday, July 18, 2011

Come sail away!

On Saturday (after waving goodbye to Aunt Patti and Uncle Glenn), Jason invited Stephanie, Patti, and I to go sailing with him. Stephanie had gone sailing with Jason on Thursday as soon as Patti and I got to the island and she'd been singing his praises since then (after all, he did go to Cornell).

We headed down to the dock ready for our sailing adventure. Patti and I watched (and laughed) as Stephanie attempted to row the boat to pick us up from the dock. We finally got on the sailboat and that's when we learned that Jason was just learning to sail, haha! And that we had picked one of the windiest days to go sailing!

The sail!
Everything started out lovely! Jason taught us some sailing vocabulary; ropes on a sailboat are called lines, etc. We were making our way through the bay. Patti was learning how to do something with the lines; I forget what it was called.

All I know is that at some point the wind picked up and we were keeling over. Yes, that's really what it's called when the boat starts tipping; which unlike the term, is not funny at all! All I know is that Patti and Stephanie were sitting across from me and at one point, I was looking up at them!

Steph, before we keeled over or else she wouldn't look that happy!
Anyway, Jason got everything under control (he's awesome under pressure btw) and we put the motor on (thank God for that motor) and we kinda rode the waves for a bit (the waves were scary too). Patti and I both got to try our hand at steering. I was awful at it. I have trouble with left and right anyways and you have to go opposite of the way you wanna go when you steer. It was wicked confusing (like I threw that wicked in there, huh?).

Patti, looking like she knows exactly what she's doing!
Me, not so much

After all, we went back and boy were we glad to be on solid ground! It was definitely an enjoyable, adventurous time! It wasn't that scary, looking back! Thanks Jason for taking us out! =]

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