Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Missing My Boys Already...

I spent my Memorial Day at a cookout with one of my favorite families! Not only were we celebrating the day off and honoring the soldiers who serve, we were preparing to send off our very own soldiers.

Today Chris and Eric left to prepare for their deployment to Iraq, where they'll be a little more than a year. We're going miss then immensely!

I've been friends with my Manda and my Chris since I was 14 and I met my Eric not too long after that. In all the time I've known those boys (about 9 years!?), this will be longest we'll have gone without seeing other. Which is going to be mega weird! Some of my best memories have been spent with Manda, Chris, and Eric. And some of my best sleepovers have been with those boys. That is when they are not trying to wrestle me! Which happens often because they love to pick on me. I believe this photo was taken either right before or soon after Eric decided to spill water on me...just for the heck of it. Good thing I love them so much! =]

Chris (in sunglasses), Eric, & I
May 30, 2011

But I know the time will go by super fast and I cannot wait to start sending them letters and awesome care packages! I'm trying to figure out something cool to do for them while they're away. Something cool for them when they get back. Because I know they'll be back before we know it! But if y'all could keep them in your thoughts and prayers, that'd be greatly appreciated!

Do any of you have any family, friends or loved ones who are overseas (or far away) serving our country? What kinds of things do y'all send them?


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