Friday, June 10, 2011

Spanish Praxis II

I took my Spanish Praxis II test on Monday, even though I'm not taking that job in Charlotte (btw, they just sent me a confirmation of my withdrawal a week after I e-mailed them).

It took me forever to find the place in Glen Allen. Good thing I left so that I'd have plenty of time to get there. I found the place and then I rushed off to Food Lion because I hadn't had time to eat breakfast before leaving home.

As soon as I got there (the second time), I pulled in next to a car with JMU stickers on it! That made me smile. When I went in, there was a girl who had been in my Spanish 307 class in there who was taking the Spanish Praxis II as well. She had just graduated from JMU a couple weeks earlier with her Master's (she did the 5 year teaching program!).

Anyways, we wished each other luck and then I went to begin my test!

It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, at first. The reading and the listening were way easier than I expected, though I had been practicing those two skills.

However, the writing was much harder than I thought it would be. And the speaking part, I probably sounded like a babbling gringo.

I should be receiving my scores on June 22 and I'm very anxious. I'm hoping that since the reading and listening parts are worth more of the test that hopefully I got a passing score of 168.

If I didn't pass, it was a good practice and now I'll know what to expect. Come on, Jume 22!


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