Friday, June 17, 2011

I love a good road trip that ends in Cake...

This past weekend, I traveled north on 95 (from one end of the area code 804 to the other) to spend some time with one of my favorite roommates, Patti (or Cake as I call her), her boyfriend, Ben, and her wonderful family that I adore (because they treat me like I'm one of their own; let's be honest, I am!).

The plan was for me to go to Stephanie's graduation party, which was on Saturday; but since I hadn't seen Patti since October (WHAT?!), we decided to make a weekend of it.

It hadn't really felt like I hadn't seen Cake in so long because I talk to her all the time! But I'm not used to not seeing her!

Long story short, we lived in the same suite sophomore year; she lived in the apartment across from me junior year; and senior year we lived in the same apartment (though Patti graduated a semester before me).

When I got to her house after Dylan's graduation, I had every intention of going to bed immediately. Instead, I was up for another two hours catching up with Ben and Patti and looking up random stuff on UrbanDictionary, a very dangerous thing to do.

Saturday, we woke up and all got ready. Then we watched movies, looked through pictures, and played arts and crafts! Then halfway through the day, we headed off to Aunt Hilary and Uncle Jim's for Steph's party.

When I met Patti sophomore year, I had the pleasure of meeting Patti's family! And I absolutely love them! They are always so nice to me; it's always a great time seeing them! I hadn't seen a lot of them for awhile so it was good to catch up. And I got to meet Aunt Hilary, Uncle Jim, Meghan, Jake, and Aidan for the first time.

We ate, played games, and spent time together celebrating Stephanie's high school graduation and her acceptance to Appalachian State (which was very hard for me...but the JMU vs App State thing is definitely another story)!

Stephanie, our new high school graduate and her brother, Jim!

Jim & I

(Patti's dad has the good picture of Stephanie and I).

On Sunday, we woke up and ate breakfast, got ready, and took pictures on Patti's dock! Then Patti took Ben and I out on the boat for awhile. And then I sadly said goodbye and raced home for my little sister's baccalaureate ceremony.
Patti & I!

Patti, Ben and I on Lake Caroline.

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  1. what a great weekend!! let's do it again soon!
    p.s. love the title, makes you sound like a fat kid haha