Tuesday, July 24, 2012

These Shoes Were Made For Walking?

I wish I had Barbie doll feet. 

As you know, I recently got a new job! My coworkers are much different than those I was working with when I was substitute teaching. I am working with a group of people that are much closer to my age and very business professional. The girls that I work with dress way cute so I've been trying to keep up with them by doing a lot of shopping. 

It seems as of lately with all my professional shopping I've been doing, I'm starting to become a "shoe girl." I've never really been a "shoe girl," especially not with heels. I have always owned a ton of flip flops and other comfy shoes like my Sperry's and my Converse's. 

I've always been comfortable with my lack of height. In fact, I pretty much cannot wear heels. My mother says I walk like a chicken in them (I know, I know, my family loves me). She got mad at me when I chose to wear flats to my high school graduation.

However, again I am short. So usually my dress pants are very long; therefore, it is necessary that I wear heels. So I'm slowly getting accustomed to buying and wearing heels. I haven't fallen on my face yet...there have been about 3 close calls though.

I accidentally wore my heels for about 17 hours last Friday. Worse idea ever. My feet were hurting for two days straight. I don't know how Barbie does it. It probably helps that her feet are just made for heels. 
These are scary high heels for me. My sister laughs at me...
By the way, $14.99 on clearance at Target!
What are your thoughts on heels with professional wear? Are heels absolutely necessary in the workplace? What color heels are staples to every working girl's wardrobe? How tall is too tall?


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