Monday, July 2, 2012

Current Events and such...

Happy Monday all! 

I hope no one is having a manic Monday and that y'all are all staying cool because it is HOT HOT HOT! 

Which brings me to my first current event!

This heatwave! Summer started 12 days ago and we have had crazy record-breaking temperatures. Stay in the AC...which would be easy except...
There are thousands of people without power due to the crazy storms that came through on Friday night and then Saturday. Fourteen people on the East Coast have lost their lives as a result of these storms. There is a threat for storms almost every day this week!

A friend of mine who lives in Lynchburg has not had power since Friday and the power company has told her not to expect power until July 7th. 

The great Verizon outage. If you were on Facebook on Sunday, I'm sure you saw everyone's complaints about not being able to make phone calls or send text messages. Personally, it didn't affect me much; the Internet, Facebook, Twitter and iMessaging were all working on my iPhone. So I couldn't complain, especially when there were people who don't even have AC or electricity.  

On a positive note, gas prices in my county and other place in VA have dipped below $3 a gallon! Makes planning weekend road trips a lot better. 
On a more personal note related to a current event in my life. As you all read this, I will be  at work - at my new job. A full time, big girl, 40 hours a week job! I'm super excited and super nervous! 


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