Thursday, June 7, 2012

What's in my purse?

I'm starting to think that the mess in my purse is reflective of the mess of my life.

I'm in the process of looking for a new purse. I'm not a "pack light/small purse" kind of girl. But I go a little overboard with large bags.

Here's proof!

Electronics: my iPhone and its charger (not pictured), my iPod, its computer cord, and headphones, and my Kindle and its charger. Not to mention my iPod arm band.

Four wallets. Um yeah don't judge me. I keep things in my purse so I don't lose them, which reminds me...

My keys, which I spent 5 minutes looking for this morning because they had sunk to the bottom of my purse.

Makeup: a lipgloss palette, nail polish and a multitude of lipsticks and lipglosses I forget to use.

3D glasses and my movie ticket from when Jim and I went to see Avengers (Can you believe I've been to the movies five times this year?! That's some kind of record for me!)

You never know when you might need a pair of 3D glasses!

Assorted change that I've thrown in the bottom of my purse.

Amazon gift cards that I got for my birthday more than a month ago that I keep forgetting to add to my account!

A ziploc bag of Warheads from mine and Patti's grand adventure in Richmond. They are in my purse because I promised a friend I'd bring him one - I forgot to.

Various lists and my Easy Spanish Crosswords book - I get bored at work and I need to desperately practice Spanish or I'll lose my fluency.

A mini shampoo bottle from the hotel I stayed in when I went to the Forensics competition in Harrisonburg. (Removing it from my purse now. Sheesh I can feel your judging from here.)

A pink lemonade Crystal Light singles packet from Teacher Appreciation week that was weeks ago. I never Crystal Light my water. Maybe I should try it.

Two pairs of sunglasses! These are vital to driving! You never know when one pair will malfunction on you. I don't recommend wearing them like this while driving!

Batteries (probably for my voice recorder) and a lens cap for my camera. Hush, I'm an aspiring photojournalist. In fact. my reporter's notebook is usually in my purse. 

Nail clippers and a tube of toothpaste. Wipes from Bdub's and hand sanitizer. Gum. The best hand lotion ever from my grandma. Grooming on-the-go! 

Now that you know what's in my purse, what's in your purse? What's the most absurd thing that's ever been in your purse? Or are you the complete opposite of messy me?

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  1. You could live out of your purse!...and i thought mine was bad:)