Monday, June 11, 2012

Twilight Delightfully Different 3.5 Milers

Hey y'all and Happy Monday! I hope y'all had an amazing weekend; if you managed to stay cool, that is. It was a scorcher here, reaching 90 degrees on both Saturday and Sunday, I'm pretty sure. 

I am still exhausted from my weekend. But I am trying to keep in mind that it is the last Monday of the school year! Isn't that crazy? My babies graduate on Thursday (break out the waterproof mascara!). 

Speaking of high school graduations, that's part of how I spent my weekend. On Saturday (the 6 year anniversary of my high school graduation, btw) I attended a graduation party for a family friend, Kaylyn. My mom went to high school with her parents and we used to babysit Kaylyn and her sister when they were little. I've known that girl since she was one and a half. Talk about making me feel old. 

After the graduation party, I headed out to Richard Bland College. Why, you ask. Because I let the cross country kids that I am currently substituting for talk me into running the Twilight Delightfully Different 3.5 Miler, even though it's been a long while since I last ran. 

My sisters and my mom's bf had run this race a couple of years ago when I was living in Harrisonburg. This time it was just me running it. 

The significant thing about this race is that it is at night, which can be both good and bad! I despise getting up early and I'm used to running after work (ahem, when I do run). The downfall is that at night in June, it is HOT. The night before it was pretty cool at night. On Saturday at 7:15 when the race started, Siri so kindly told me that it was 90 degrees! 

So in addition to being myself, I realized that when I got to the race that I had forgotten to pack socks (Keep in mind that I came directly from a graduation party!). Thank goodness the race was close to civilization and in an area I was familiar with so I could run to Walmart and buy some!

Me, pre-race! 
The race wasn't that bad. Thank goodness it was a flat course. However about 75% of the race, the sun was beating down on you as it was setting. After the race, there was tons of pizza, beverages, watermelon and cantaloupe. I even got to see an old friend from high school.

The best part was that they gave out medals for the top 3 in each age group by gender! Guess who got a medal!

Highlight of the race!

What did you do this weekend?


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