Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pet Peeves!

According to Wikipedia, the source of the phrase, "pet peeve" stemmed from the word peevish and the phrase was first used around the year 1919. 

According to me, the source of my two most recent pet peeves has been Facebook! The first has to do with Facebook itself. The second has to do with an event that will be taking place in the near future. 

  • Facebook Timeline. - Remember what Facebook looked like when we first started using it? Chances are, you don't. I'm usually not a fan when my social media changes on me and I have to relearn how to use everything again, but I am a fan of Facebook Timeline. I love how everything is archived from the very first moment you started using Facebook and from before that. I've been wanting to Twitter to have an archive very similar to this. 
          Facebook Timeline is coming to everyone in the next three weeks. I made the switch a         
          month ago. Now everyone has been complaining that because of Facebook Timeline     
          you're going to see everyone's whole life story on their profile. Obviously these people            
          haven't taken a good look at how Facebook Timeline works. You can only see statuses, 
          posts, photos, etc. from years ago, if you click on a past year on the very subtle sidebar 
          and then click on a month.  
          So obviously these complainers just want to complain about something because I don't  
          think they have a very rational argument!
  • The Superbowl and Bandwagon Fans - The Superbowl happens every year. It's the championship game between the AFC champion and the NFC champion. With there being 32 teams in the league, the likelihood of your team being in the Superbowl is...well you do the math. Only two teams play in the Superbowl. And come on, you're going to be a lot more interested in the game when you're pulling for one of the two teams. I mean, unless you're Switzerland,  you're going to prefer that one teams prevails over the other. THIS DOES NOT MAKE YOU A BANDWAGON FAN. For instance, I like the Chargers. The Chargers aren't in the Superbowl. So I'm supposed to be completely neutral when it comes to the Superbowl? Ha, you're funny. Obviously people are just bitter because someone who isn't a diehard fan is rooting for the team they liked first. Yeah, get over it. 
Other minor pet peeves (when are pet peeves actually minor?):
  • People with click-y pens who feel the need to click them every two seconds. - Really? Really?!
  • People who drag their feet. - Your legs do not weigh that much; pick your darn feet up before I pick them up for you.
  • When I can hear people chewing their gum - Oh heck no. This makes me sick!
What are some of your pet peeves? Share any pet peeves with me or have opinions on mine? Let me know!  Maybe we can fix the world, one annoying pet peeve at a time!


  1. I lovee the Redskins(how is this still possible after so many horrible seasons), but GO PATRIOTS GO!! Totally not a bandwagon fan. Those are the people who next year will totally be cheering for the winner of this years super bowl.

    Also, I don't have fb timeline yet and I'm not excited about getting it. Eekkk, don't make me get it!

    1. Let one person call me a bandwagon fan on Superbowl Sunday! And exactly...if I was rooting for the winner next year, call me a bandwagon fan.

      And it's not that bad! I promise! I think you'll love it! You can go back to any moment in time and see how you were feeling according to your facebook status. That is if you put feeling into your facebook statuses like I do!