Monday, January 13, 2014

JMU Homecoming 2013

Let's play catch up!

With the end of the summer arrives one of my most favorite things about fall: Football.

I've apparently reached the age where all my friends and everyone my age has started to get married. So due to the unfathomable number of weddings and wedding-related events I had to attend this fall (and spend money on), I did not purchase JMU football season tickets. It was a hard decision, but it didn't seem like it would have been worth it like it was during the 2012 season. JMU did win all but one of their home games this season.

However though I didn't have season tickets, that didn't and would never stop me from atending Homecoming. Homecoming was held on November 2, 2013. (Fun Fact: I've attended every JMU Homecoming game since 2007). 

Both my Richmond roommates are JMU alumni so as soon as they purchased their JMU Homecoming tickets, I followed suit. Also, one of my senior roommates, Natasha bought her ticket near our seats as well. Patti and Ben also surprised me by not telling me until the night before that they were going to the game, so I rode to Harrisonburg with them and tailgated with Patti's family, which is always a good time. 

JMU, of course, won the game, though I spent more time catching up with Natasha than watching the game. Unfortunately, we didn't make it to playoffs this season. We have since fired our head coach and hired a new one so I am very curious to see how the 2014 season goes. Anyone interested in buying season tickets with me?


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