Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy 2014!

 Hi friends!

It's 2014! I feel like 2013 went by so fast but then again not really. If that even makes sense...

I guess I would say 2013 was a good year. It was my first full year with my big girl full-time job. I finally made the big move to the city of Richmond. So yeah, it had its moments; but I'm ready to leave 2013 behind and ready for 2014 to be fabulous.

Except I still need to catch all of you up on the good moments of 2013. Then we can leave 2013 behind.

This year has started out pretty good. Nothing too exciting yet. I brought in the new year with my family, same as the last 3 years. I ate my New Year's good luck dinner, same as every year. I haven't been home since last year. I've been shopping every day this year. That's a habit I need to break!

I've decided against making or stating actual New Year's resolutions this year. I have some goals and I have plans on how to accomplish them. No need to put it all out there. I'll just fill you in with the accomplishments!

But I'd love to hear your resolutions/predictions for 2014! Leave them in the comments below! 

I hope this year treats you all well!


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