Friday, August 9, 2013

My First Pinterest Project

Hi all, 

You know how whenever you try recipes or projects off the internet, the pictures they show you always look waaaaaaaaay better than what your finished product looks like?

Well I (with some help) attempted my first Pinterest project and it was fairly successful! As most of you know, I recently moved to Richmond! In the process of attempting to organize my room, I decided I needed to do more in terms of organizing my jewelry. I have allowed my necklaces to get tangled and knotted way too many times. 

So to Pinterest I went. And I found this project here.

And this was created!

I love it and it's so simple and expensive to make. Just go to Walmart and buy a $10 thread rack and a $4 bottle of spray paint. The hardest part was putting it on the wall because I am not a talented Command strip user.

Here are my photos of the process, taken by my little sister who supervised the project. My mom's boyfriend had a lot of fun setting up the spray painting area and did most of the painting. 

Have you ever done a Pinterest project that turned out great? What did you make?


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