Monday, November 26, 2012

Game 5 & 6: JMU vs Georgia State/ODU and Airplanes

I am obviously blowing it at blogging. I cannot explain how tired, exhausted and busy I've been. But then again, there is no excuse for leaving y'all, my dear readers, hanging in the balance, wondering what I've been doing with my life. Y'all have been wondering, right? Right?!

Well let's go back to the beginning when my busy-ness began. On Tuesday, October 23, I boarded my first real airplane (I had been on a small one sophomore year of college when my friends when skydiving) to Detroit and then boarded another plane to Louisville, Kentucky for a work conference. After a couple of days of being busy all day and little sleep, I headed back to Virginia, via two airplanes again on Friday, October 26.
I then worked in Richmond until 7:30 and drove all the way to Dinwiddie to see my niece for her first birthday! Then I finally got a little bit of sleep, woke up with a cold, and drove to JMU for Homecoming. 

I was completely sleep-deprived for the game and deathly ill (well I felt like death) I took very few photos. We did win the game so that was great.

Then I drove home that night in anticipation for Hurricane Sandy. Hurricane Sandy didn't devastate much here in Central Virginia. It did get me out of work early and allow us to go in late one day. I ended staying in Richmond one night with Patti's aunt and uncle to help make my commute a little shorter.

Game 6 vs. Old Dominion took place on November 17. Because my cousin, Travis, attended ODU, I decided to take him with me! The game was a good game; however, JMU came up short and Old Dominion took the win. The weekend was still fun since Patti, Ben, Travis and I got a hotel and stayed up late, eating and telling all of our crazy JMU stories. 

So basically I blame my lack of photos from the last two games on my deliriously tiredness, sickness, and cold! 

But I will be better! I promise! :)

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