Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Game 4: JMU vs. W&M

Game 4 versus William & Mary took place on October 13, 2012. I, as usual, worked late on Friday afternoon, so I opted to drive up to Harrisonburg on Saturday morning. Since Patti would not be attending the game due to her boyfriend's ill-placed birthday weekend (How dare he have his birthday the Monday after a game day weekend?!), I would be making the trek to the 'Burg alone.

I started my Saturday at 8:30 a.m. and I was exhausted, having gone to dinner late with two girls from work. So my goal was to get ready, make it out of the house early and make a stop at the Green Valley Book Fair on the way to the game. Don't you worry, I accomplished all those goals! :)

The Outfit

Tank top, Old Navy, < $6
 Scarf, Old Navy, $10.99
Shirt, Gap Outlet, $10
Jeans, Levi's, Marshalls, $19.99
Boots, not pictured, Target $34.99

The Tailgate

After I finally made it to JMU, after going to the book fair and the Outpost (to get my game day button), I finally parked and headed to campus. Actually, more like rushed to campus. Until I found out that Patti's family was not at JMU yet. (Yes, I hang out with my best friend's family when she is not there because they love me.) So I headed to P-Lot for a good time with the P-Lot crew. 

Then when Patti's family got there, I headed to the other end of P-Lot. This weekend was extra special because Patti's cousin, Stephanie was attending the game. Stephanie goes to the enemy school Appalachian State so I don't see her nearly enough! I also finally got to her boyfriend, Ben. (Seriously must find me a Ben - both Patti and Steph have one.)

Anyway, we were way into our tailgating so we actually missed the first quarter of the game. Good thing too, because it was the worst quarter of the game and the game only got better from there.

When I finally got to the game, I was greeted by my game watching company: Tyler, Steve, Matt and Tony! I hadn't seen Tony since Homecoming last year so of course pictures were in order. 
Me & Tony
The Game

So because of my prolonged tailgating, I missed Justin Thorpe's interception. At one point, we were down 14-0. But then began the most exciting game ever! With seconds left in the fourth quarter, the game was tied 17-17 and W&M had the opportunity to seize the game. Half of the student starts to leave and I am saying to Matt, "Where are they going? This is going into overtime!" 

The student section started chanting something that I could not understand and then JMU called a timeout to ice the kicker. It was after that timeout that I deciphered what the student section was chanting.

Billy Cundiff. Billy Cundiff. He missed that field goal and as I predicted, this game was going into overtime.

So in case you don't know the rules of college football overtime. Each team gets the ball on the 25 and gets a chance to score. We won the coin toss and elected to defer. Our defense worked hard and only allowed William & Mary to score three points. Then we got the ball on the same 25 yard line and we only could get a field goal. 

With the game tied again at 20-20, it was time for double overtime. We went down to the 25 on the side of the field. This time we had the ball first and we scored a touchdown! Then W&M got the ball and they also score, though a illegal touching penalty was called and we all thought hoped that their touchdown wouldn't count; however it did. 

Then they decided that they were going to go for a two point conversion to win the game...and they didn't get it. It took me a minute to realize that we won the game but after I did, there was lots of jumping and screaming!

Another game that kept my heart racing! JMU plays Richmond @ Richmond and I'm hoping for another win!


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