Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just Another Lazy Sunday?

So you know how Sunday is supposed to be that day where you just relax? Well my Sunday in Arlington was just the opposite!

This was mine and Mike's conversation on Sunday morning.

Mike: So what should we do today?
Me: We should go see something.
Mike: Like a thing?
Me: Yeah.

Crazy thing is, we knew exactly what we meant (for once!). But before we decided what we were gonna do, we needed the energy! So off to lunch at Pete's New Haven Style Apizza (apparently "apizza" is pronounced "ah-beetz"). They had really cool sodas at this place. I had cheese ravioli which was good! And then Mike and I split a cannoli, which I was super excited about cuz there had been a cannoli on Bones the night before, and I said I wanted one then!

After lunch, we made our plan for the day! We were gonna head to the National Geographic Museum and then the huge Forever 21 in D.C.

First we headed to the National Geographic Museum, which I'd never been to before. We looked at an exhibit on Macchu Pichu and then looked at all the photos surrounding the building which were awesome. The photos made me a little sad because I'm never gonna be that awesome!

Then we headed to H&M and Forever 21. I bought a new tank top and a much needed belt from Forever 21! Then we decided to head towards the Washington Monument, because Mike said it'd be awesome to get photos of the Washington Monument while laying down with our feet against it!

On the way to the Washington Monument, we walked by some of the sights of the D.C.: Ford's Theatre (where Lincoln was shot), the house where Lincoln died (seriously that's what the sign said - idk if it has a name), the Hard Rock Cafe and the FBI Building.

Ford's Theatre

The house where Lincoln died

On our way to the Washington Monument, we decided to cut through the Smithsonian of Natural History. Which was an awesome idea since I've never been there. Mike wanted to see the ocean exhibit so we took a look at that. Then we saw the signs of all the exhibits that were being shown and needless to say, our "cut through" was lost on two museum nerds like ourselves.

First I wanted to see the Hope Diamond, so I stood around waiting to taking a picture of it. Then we headed to the exhibit on photos of animals. Then they had a really interesting on race and whether we're all as different as we think. Then we went to the butterfly exhibit, but you had to pay to go in the butterfly room which was sad because Mike really wanted to high five a butterfly. Then we got sucked into the gift shop for awhile!

After we finally finished our "cut through," we finally headed towards the Washington Monument. We attempted to find a shady spot, with no luck; btw it was super hot! We laid down and looked up!

The Washington Monument from the ground!

Me, trying to shield Mike and I from the sun!

After that, we headed back to the metro to head back to Arlington to decide what to do for dinner. We decided on cheeseburgers from Ray's Hell Burgers, which was amazing! I wish I wasn't so hungry that I woulda taken a photo of my burger before I started eating it.

Then we headed back to the apt as my Arlington/weekend adventure was coming to an end...

...Or was it?


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