Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend was actually kinda busy for once. It was my little sister, Aspen's last weekend home on her Spring Break from Virginia Tech. Also, that whole losing an hour due to Daylight Savings Time made the weekend go by faster, thus seem busier. 

On Friday, we didn't do much. Two of Aspen's friends from high school came over and one of them attends JMU (my alma mater). So I talked to him for a bit to try and live vicariously through him since my freshman year of college seems so very far away. 

On Saturday, I met up with Jeremy in Colonial Heights and I finally got my fantasy football trophy and banner. That's right! Remember that weekend when I was drafting this team. And remember how I said I was going to come out on top. Well I did! 

My Bdub's Banner!

Doesn't she look like she's saying, "Touchdown!"

We had a steak dinner to celebrate Lynn's birthday, which was the 12th. Then after we all went to the mall, she made red velvet cupcakes. We also had pineapple upside down cake! So much for me trying to cut back on the sweets; I cannot fight my sweet tooth.

I also did a lot of shopping this weekend. On Saturday, I got a new sports bra; talk about motivation for running! On Sunday, I went to Target and bought some awesome new socks! Aspen and I also went by Sweet Frog on her way out of town. I have no pictures of that because I can't stop myself from scarfing that down long enough to take a photo!

What did you do last weekend? What are you doing this weekend?


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