Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fantasy Football Weekend

I am so far behind and I know it! It's been a crazy couple of weeks, but let's go back to fantasy football weekend cuz it's worth talking about!

The Highlights

  • Patti, Ben, and I drive to Harrisonburg on Friday, August 19, after stops in Richmond, Caroline, and Stafford. We arrive at Jeremy's new place, which I finally got see for the first time! And the best part: Jeremy had cooked us (and Josh) dinner!

Yum! Steak and vegetables!

Fantasy draft
  • Our fantasy football draft took place at Buffalo Wild Wings (as it has the last 3 years). This year I got to write all the names on the board which may have affected the thought I put into my team but I got to enjoy some wings at the same time so it was all good! Patti got the number one draft pick! 
  • After fantasy football, we went to see Matt and his new place! We dragged him to the book fair against his will. Where he blamed me for making him buy too many book (too many books?! As if there is a such thing!) I bought a book about presidents! 
  • Later on Saturday, I met up with Candace, one of my MCC chicas, and we caught up over some frozen yogurt! I am so glad I got to see her because I kept missing her every time I was in Northern Virginia. But since she's at JMU for grad school (lucky!) she's a little easier to pin down.
  • On Saturday night, we headed over to Beau and Josh's (so weird since I'm so used to it being Beau and Jeremy's) to hang out with the boys and Jessica! We ended going to the Blue Nile to go dancing after Beau begged us. I'm glad he did because I secretly wanted to go I had a blast dancing with everyone!
  • On Sunday, I went to Catholic Church with Ben and Patti in Fredricksburg, which was interesting since I hadn't been to Mass since I was like 9 years old. 
  • Monday morning, Ben and Hannah (Ben's little sister, who is taller than me!) made breakfast! 
  • Patti, Ben, Hannah, Jake, and I went bowling in Massaponax! I hadn't been bowling in a year and it showed. We played three games and I lost everytime. I bowled a 49, a 48, and a 48. At least I'm consistent.
  • That night, Patti, Ben, and I played a board game called Sequence, which might be my new favorite game. I lost everytime though! 
  • On Monday, I spent the the night at Patti's!
Special Thanks: 

  • Patti, for coming to picking me up in Richmond on Friday afternoon just so I could go to fantasy football and for driving back to Ashland on Tuesday morning (wayyy early) so I could go back home!
  • Ben, for driving us to Harrisonburg, the book fair, the bowling alley, buying us pizza, and for making us breakfast (yummy)!
  • Ben's family, for letting me stay at their house even though four of them had just met me and for feeding me!
  • Jeremy, for dinner, a place to sleep (well, one night) and for a good time as always.
  • Beau and Josh, for letting us hang out at y'all's place, for dancing with me at The Blue Nile, for suggesting CiCi's Pizza for lunch, for trying on everything I asked you to in Target while we waited for CiCi's to open and for letting me stay at y'all's place!
  • Jessica, for showing up unexpectedly because it wouldn't have been a complete weekend in Harrisonburg without you
  • Matt, for letting us see your new place and for going with us to the book fair, even though you bought too many books.
  • Candace, for picking me up from Kohl's, eating frozen yogurt with me, listening to me complain about my joblessness, and for taking me back to Jeremy's, though I didn't know quite how to get there!


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