Tuesday, July 24, 2012

These Shoes Were Made For Walking?

I wish I had Barbie doll feet. 

As you know, I recently got a new job! My coworkers are much different than those I was working with when I was substitute teaching. I am working with a group of people that are much closer to my age and very business professional. The girls that I work with dress way cute so I've been trying to keep up with them by doing a lot of shopping. 

It seems as of lately with all my professional shopping I've been doing, I'm starting to become a "shoe girl." I've never really been a "shoe girl," especially not with heels. I have always owned a ton of flip flops and other comfy shoes like my Sperry's and my Converse's. 

I've always been comfortable with my lack of height. In fact, I pretty much cannot wear heels. My mother says I walk like a chicken in them (I know, I know, my family loves me). She got mad at me when I chose to wear flats to my high school graduation.

However, again I am short. So usually my dress pants are very long; therefore, it is necessary that I wear heels. So I'm slowly getting accustomed to buying and wearing heels. I haven't fallen on my face yet...there have been about 3 close calls though.

I accidentally wore my heels for about 17 hours last Friday. Worse idea ever. My feet were hurting for two days straight. I don't know how Barbie does it. It probably helps that her feet are just made for heels. 
These are scary high heels for me. My sister laughs at me...
By the way, $14.99 on clearance at Target!
What are your thoughts on heels with professional wear? Are heels absolutely necessary in the workplace? What color heels are staples to every working girl's wardrobe? How tall is too tall?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Belated Independence Day Celebrations

Hope y'all all had nice Mondays! 

I don't know what the weather was like where you were this weekend but it was beyond hot here!

I did my best to stay inside all weekend, parked in front of Netflix, watching Jericho. If you've never seen that show you should definitely give it a chance. 

As I mentioned in my Fourth of July post, fireworks in Colonial Heights were postponed until Saturday night. I've been going to see fireworks there since I was little bitty. It was my niece's first time out seeing the fireworks and she wasn't scared at all!

It was still pretty hot Saturday night while watching the fireworks show, so you better believe I only had one thing in mind when I got home: Italian Ice.

Netflix and Italian Ice.

What I am really excited about though is the weather this week! Take a look! 

You may recall that I have no AC in my car and my new job requires that I do a bit of commuting. Weather in the 80s and 90s means that I'm not completely soaking wet with sweat when I get home (attractive, I know).

What are you excited about this week?

Friday, July 6, 2012

Red, White, and Whew, It's Hot...

Happy Weekend everybody!

I survived my first week of my big girl job! Though it was a short week, due to the holiday. It still totally counts as surviving week one. 

Speaking of the Fourth of July, have I mentioned that it's one of my favorite holidays? I have a ton of spirit and I love showing it off. So I go all out in my red, white, and blue every year.
My outfit: Blue&white striped shirt from Rue21, red tank top from Forever21,
and white shorts, Mossimo at Target
In my outfit, looking rough after a long day!

For some reason that I haven't locked down yet, fireworks in Colonial Heights were postponed until Saturday. I ended driving to Richmond and watching fireworks from Lynn's apartment's rooftop, which was super cool. It was the ultimate spot to watch several different shows all at once.
"Baby, you're a fiiiiiiiiirework"
What's your favorite part of the Fourth of July? How'd you spend the holiday?

Monday, July 2, 2012

Current Events and such...

Happy Monday all! 

I hope no one is having a manic Monday and that y'all are all staying cool because it is HOT HOT HOT! 

Which brings me to my first current event!

This heatwave! Summer started 12 days ago and we have had crazy record-breaking temperatures. Stay in the AC...which would be easy except...
There are thousands of people without power due to the crazy storms that came through on Friday night and then Saturday. Fourteen people on the East Coast have lost their lives as a result of these storms. There is a threat for storms almost every day this week!

A friend of mine who lives in Lynchburg has not had power since Friday and the power company has told her not to expect power until July 7th. 

The great Verizon outage. If you were on Facebook on Sunday, I'm sure you saw everyone's complaints about not being able to make phone calls or send text messages. Personally, it didn't affect me much; the Internet, Facebook, Twitter and iMessaging were all working on my iPhone. So I couldn't complain, especially when there were people who don't even have AC or electricity.  

On a positive note, gas prices in my county and other place in VA have dipped below $3 a gallon! Makes planning weekend road trips a lot better. 
On a more personal note related to a current event in my life. As you all read this, I will be  at work - at my new job. A full time, big girl, 40 hours a week job! I'm super excited and super nervous!