101 in 1001 Days

  1. Read 10 classic books [0/10]
  2. Send a care package to someone/create a care package for someone
  3. Complete 10 pages in my scrapbook [0/10]
  4. Attend 20 JMU Alumni Association events [5/20]
  5. See 10 classic movies I've never seen [0/10]
  6. Go somewhere outside the Eastern Time Zone (U.S)
  7. Attend an NFL game
  8. Watch a movie at a drive-in
  9. Photograph a landscape from the same location, capturing all four seasons
  10. Buy a new lens for my camera
  11. Make my family tree
  12. Complete a first aid course
  13. Pass the Spanish Praxis
  14. Go rockclimbing
  15. Put together a family cookbook
  16. Get a passport
  17. Buy luggage
  18. Start working towards getting my Master's/take college courses
  19. Draft a novel
  20. Learn to knit with my circle needles
  21. Visit Boston
  22. Visit Chicago
  23. Learn how to play an instrument
  24. Enter a photography contest
  25. Run a sub 65 minute 10K
  26. Run a sub 50 minute 8K
  27. PR on my 5K time
  28. PR on my 8K time
  29. PR on my 10K time
  30. Have my photography displayed somewhere
  31. Frame my own photography for my house/apartment
  32. Take a photography class
  33. Buy a fish
  34. Learn basic Italian
  35. Attend a MLB game
  36. Go to a shooting range
  37. Decorate my apartment with 5 of my favorite quotes
  38. Go vegetarian for a week
  39. Go to a wine festival
  40. Finish paying off one of my student loans
  41. Host a games night with friends
  42. Buy a new battery for my laptop or a new laptop
  43. Have the stone on my class ring repaired
  44. Bowl a 100 or higher
  45. Buy chains for my charms that I bought in Richmond
  46. Finish paying mom back for car repairs
  47. Attend a belly dancing class
  48. Meet an online friend in person
  49. Eat at and blog about 10 new restaurants [0/10]
  50. Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity
  51. Visit Nashville (Tennessee)
  52. Go horseback riding
  53. Get a Hard Rock Cafe shirt from Baltimore
  54. Buy something to display my souvenir spoons
  55. Scan all important photographs so I can have digital copies
  56. Visit the Holocaust Museum in RIchmond, Va
  57. Go fishing
  58. Take photos of my favorite places at JMU/Harrisonburg
  59. Go camping
  60. Go to the zoo
  61. Visit Savannah, GA
  62. Play mini golf
  63. Make an effort to obtain my CDIB card, if eligible
  64. Visit James Madison's Montpelier
  65. Visit Jamestown
  66. Buy a planner
  67. Go to 5 concerts [0/5]
  68. Buy/get a firesafe box
  69. Download a MIT OpenCourseWare class
  70. Visit New York City again
  71. Run the Monument Avenue 10K again
  72. Visit Colonial Williamsburg
  73. Be in a wedding
  74. Buy an umbrella or two (one for car, one for house) and actually keep up with them
  75. Watch all 3 of the Lord of the Rings movies [0/3]
  76. Reunion with the MCCs (complete with a photo)
  77. Reunion with my roomies (complete with photo!)
  78. Go to the state fair
  79. Redo my photography portfolio
  80. Buy a watch or replace the crystal in my old watch
  81. Play golf or go to the driving range
  82. Ride a train
  83. Fly on a plane
  84. Second shoot a wedding
  85. Play laser tag
  86. Get some San Diego Chargers stuff
  87. Get published in a magazine or newsletter
  88. Buy a JMU license plate border
  89. Keep track of all expenses for a month
  90. Buy a new JMU blanket
  91. Consolidate at least two of my student loans
  92. Set up a filing system to file all my important financial papers
  93. Have my diplomas framed
  94. Create a cleaning schedule for my apt and stick to it
  95. Make some throw pillows
  96. Attend a bachelorette party
  97. Consider buying or buy a new (to me) car
  98. Go to Belle Isle (Richmond, Va)
  99. Go to a spa
  100. Redesign my blog
  101. Get an EZ pass for my car

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